HR Hasims Legacy

HR Hasims Legacy is also a 6 horse Straight Babson Straight Egyptian Arabian. 
To read more about The babson bloodlines refer to Ah Satin Saafaar page where I have described some Babon imports and linked pedigrees. 
Legacy's Pedigree
Elegant Bold Arabian Stallion! HR Hasims Legacy - Straight Babson Egyptian Stallion. 
Legacy is the picture of  extreme beauty and sweetness in a single package.  Some of his best features, that he passes to his get are: height, beautiful face and eye, sweet personality, balanced feet and straight legs. This elegant horse has just the right curves and symetry to charm,  with plenty of bone and substance be the favorite of all who visit the farm. A valuable resource in Arabian type, Legacy is the go to for balance, build  and beauty . Legacy has been ridden extensivley on trails and in arenas, and has attended several local shows,  he is a perfect gentleman where ever he goes.  Legacy produces outstanding get and settles mares easily. 
CA clear
HR Hasims Legacy's Pedigree includes some of the Best Babsons:
Mahrouf, Bint Serra, Fay El Dine, Fabah, Char Serr, Sah Hasim Khabar, Bahrou, Bah Rou Amira, Fa Deene, Faddan, Fa Serr, Fadl, Maaroufa, Aaroufa, Negem, Fad Roufa, IBN Rabdan, Jamil El Kabir, El Sennri, Zobeyni, Ghazieh, Venus, Mabrouk Manial, Tarfa, Saqlawi ll, Sottam, Astraled, Mesaoud, Queen of Sheba, Helwa, Wazir, Samhan, Saada, Om Dalal, Mashkour, Naafa El Saghira, Bint Yamama, Bint Sabah, Mahroussa

HR Hasims Legacy is available for outside mares. If you are interested in a breeding to Legacy please contact me.  ​