Axioms Jadhara Mist
HR Jamil Ahmar Hisaan x Dhar Aziza
Straight Egyptian Babson Brown mare
Sheykh Obeyed   Al Khamsa   Asil   Heirloom
​Tail Female Obeya through Bint Sabah

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Jadhara is a treasure for sure. She is the daughter of Dhar Aziza born to Aziza when she was 24 years old.
Aziza was a very special rare Babson Brown mare that came to me when she was 23 and I immediatly bred her to my Babson Brown stallion HR Jamil Ahmar Hisaan and they produced Jadhara. 
I have been very blessed to have this mare. She is just gorgeous. She has been producing fabulous foals with beautiful faces.

Jadhara has recently produced a colt and a filly by Gabriel MCA.
They are both amazing Babson BlendTM  Straight Egyptians.