Satin Pedigree

Powerful Unique Arabian Stallion! Ah Satin Saafaar, Straight Babson Egyptian Stallion.

Satin is a unique and sporty Arabian that you don't find often, a valuable resource in our herd.

Satin is a big horse (15.2) with powerful movement and playful attitude. Some of his best features, that he passes to his get are: height, big hip, powerful movement, flexible pole, big balanced feet and straight  correct legs. 

You may not even relize the a 6 horse Babson such as Satin carry some valuable lines in their pedigrees and are quite unique in the variety in their pedigrees. For instance: through the import Saada, you will find the same tail female, Roga El Beida,  as that of Moniet El Nefous. Saada pedigree also includes Saqlawi l, El Sennari, Tarfa and many more. 
Fadl was a carrier of the vaulable Kuhaylan Mimriyah tail female through Tarfa. Bint Bint Sabbah was tail female Dahman and her sire Baiyad, son of Mabrouk Manial, was of the Saqlawi l sire line and the Venus tail female line. Bint Bint Sabbah in fact has many lines to Saqlawi l in her pedigree. (These are the same horses that are previalnt in the lines of Nazeer.)
You will also find in Bint Bint Sabbah many lines to the amazing historic horse El Sennari who goes back to none other than Zobeyni, who's sire line is long lost. Then there is Bint Serra l, more Zobeyni, Aziz, Mesaoud ( but not Saqlawi l )and many many more very interesting hard to find horses.  Bint Bint Durra  - tail female Bint El Bahrein,  Maaroufa - more Mimriyah and Zobeyni and both with so many other interesting historic horses. 
When I study these horses that Babson imported I can be nothing less that astonished at the pure  genius of these horses. It is no wonder Babsons of variety and quality continue to appear after such a long history of a closed breeding group. 
These horse provide genuine quality outcross material for todays Straight Egyptian Community looking for unique breeding opportuinities. 

Satin has been proven to settle mares easily. Currently in training with plans to compete as a Sporthorse. CA Clear

Bint Saada
Bint Bint Sabbah
Bint Serra l
Bint  Bint Durra
Ah Satin Saafaar's pedigree includes so many greats:
Princeton Faaris, Black Satin, Serr Maariner, Black Sambo, Saafadan, Ahmed Fabah, Daaldan, Maarena, Faddan, Bint Gammousa,Mahrouf, Serr Rou, Diroufa, Aaroufa, Mahroufa, Fadl, Ahmeds Aamala, Almoraima Ceniza, Serr Rous Amira, IBN Fa Serr, Fabah, Fay El Dine, 

AH Satin Saafaar is available for outside mares. If you are interested in a breeding to Satin please contact me.  ​